Palazzo Royal Mansions

Location  : Kaya Palazzo Golf Course

View: Pool & Golf Course

Maximum Occupancy  :  12 Adults + 2 Children

Number  of  Rooms: 5 Guest Suites + 2 Butler Rooms  

Mansion m²  :  2.000 m²  

Total  : 1


Private Helicopter Area, Private Entrance Parking Area with Garden,

Ground Floor: Entrance Gallery, Stair Hall, Corridor, Living Room, Music System, Master Suite, Kitchen, Cloakroom, Laundry - Ironing Room, Open Kitchen Area, Open Bar Area, Assistants Area, 2 Bedrooms for Assistants, Business Room, WC, 2 units Guests  WC, Fitness – Pilates, Sauna, Steam Room, Turkish Bath, Yoga Terrace, Terrace, Fire Pit, PrivateHeated Fresh Water Pool, Private Sea Water Pool, Private Sandy Beach 1 Floor: Stair Hall, 2 Master Suites, Dressing Room, Bathroom, Infinity Pool, 2 Children Rooms (twin beds), TV Room, Kitchenette, Open Shower, Master Suite Balcony


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