Our guests who are Kaya Club Card members;

•  Earn up to KayaPuan (TL) equivalent with 3% of the amount of accommodation for the hotels within the scope of Kaya Hotels& Resorts.
•  The KayaPuan (TL) payment you earn is charged to your account 1 day following your accommodation date.
•  You can use KayaPuan (TL), which is accumulated in your account, from the amount of accommodation at Kaya Hotels.
•  There are also seasonal surprise discounts or opportunities to use the KayaPuan you have earned.
•  KayaPuan acquisition and its expenditure applies only to the Kaya call center (444 52 92) and reservations directly made at the hotel.
•  Example: You have accommodated for a total of 3.000 TL and you have earned 3 % KayaPuan (90 TL). And let us assume that your next accommodation costs 2.500 TL. We will use 90 TL in your account and you will pay 2.410 TL.

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